Following Jesus’ footsteps is what these Jaguars strive to do. On Friday, October 13, 2017 St. Joseph’s Catholic High School laced up their running shoes and walked around the school several times raising money for Hospice Renfrew. Each student was required to bring in a donation of $2 or more to donate to Hospice Renfrew, helping the local organization meet the needs of their residents.

Every two years St. Joseph’s High School chooses to support a local charity, as well as an international charity, and donate money raised through various fundraising activities. This year, through an anonymous staff vote, we selected Hospice Renfrew. Feeling delighted to be our charity of choice, Hospice is thrilled to foresee the commitment of St. Joseph’s in helping them grow as a community

“The goal to happiness in life is to sacrifice and give back to others as well as showing you are caring,” said Brennan Trainor, principal of St. Joseph’s High School.

Hospice is a home where people come to live. They offer short stays to allow caregivers a break as well as provide pain and symptom management. They offer end-of-life care in addition. Volunteers aim to ensure the comfort and enjoyability of residents. Hospice volunteers have chosen not to wear scrubs to make the residents feel as if they are at home and not in a hospital. The residents are in control; they may eat when they wish and eat what they wish, they are welcome to have pets as well as family, and have a personal playlist for themselves.

Before participating in the walk, these Jaguars got to know a little bit about Hospice Renfrew. Everyone collected in the gym to listen to presentation presented by Judy Cobus, Hospice Renfrew’s Manager of Volunteer and Community Development Services as well as Tracey Cummings, Hospice Renfrew’s Resident and Family Support Counsellor. Leo Hall, father of Katie Hall, a St. Joseph’s Jaguar, recited his past experience with Hospice Renfrew, expressing his love for the volunteers of Hospice and gratefulness for the money raised by St. Joseph’s.

St. Joseph’s makes an effort to show students that it is important to be a follower of Christ. While Jesus was on Earth, he gave back to many people in many ways and now it’s our turn. We fundraise and give back to a variety charities because it’s something Jesus would do, and it’s also simply the right thing to do. We need to spread love and compassion to others and display our ability to care for others.

“I am glad we chose to fundraise and support Hospice Renfrew for the next two years,” said Paige Petroskie, a member of Student Council. “ I think many students in St. Joseph’s have had family members or family friends that have stayed in Renfrew Hospice, so it is something they can relate to.”

This is only the beginning of an amazing journey. There are going to be plenty more fundraising opportunities in the future for Hospice Renfrew; such as the horror house which will be coming soon. Listen to the announcements everyday to hear for your opportunity to donate to this extraordinary organization.