Hospice Renfrew Board of Directors

Hospice Renfrew is governed by a volunteer board of directors that represents the interests of our residents and their families from across Renfrew County.  Hospice Renfrew is pleased to welcome its Board of Directors for 2019-20.

Hospice Renfrew Board of Directors Date joined Board Committee
Chair: Gerald Tracey 4 May 2016
Treasurer: Bill McMahon 26 April 2011
Secretary: Donna Anderson 20 May 2014
Medical Director (non-voting): Dr. Philippe Pinard 18 April 2018
(delegate 2012-2018)
Delegate Medical Director (non-voting): Dr. Monica Bishop 18 April 2018
Directors: Leo Hall 20 May 2014
Jamie Cybulski 4 May 2016
Karen McEwen 16 November 2016
George Wade 24 May 2017
Kevin Cherry 19 June 2019
*Advisory Member (non-voting): James MacKillican 20 August 2004
*Executive Director: Marjorie Joly 2020

* non-voting members

Hospice Board of Directors for 2019-2020

Standing-left to right:  Leo Hall, Jamie Cybulski, Karen McEwen, Donna Anderson, Bill McMahon, Kevin Cherry and George Wade

Sitting-left to right:  Dr. Philippe Pinard, Gerald Tracey and Caroline McGee

Missing:  James MacKillican and Dr. Monica Bishop

Here's where you can find us

459 Albert Street, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 1V8

Contact us

Tel: 613- 433- 3993 or 1-866-751-1685 Fax: 613 432 3618 Email  info@hospicerenfrew.ca


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Hospice Renfrew

459 Albert Street Renfrew, Ontario K7V 1V8