Bereavement Support

Hospice Renfrew staff and volunteers understand that grieving often begins with the first news of a life-threatening diagnosis and continues throughout the journey that follows. You may have to deal with an entire range of emotions and physical reactions that create pain, fear, loss, fatigue or loneliness.

It is important for you to be able to talk openly about these experiences, reactions and feelings. Grief support is an important part of the services Hospice Renfrew offers to its Residents, their families and our community. We provide a variety of supportive services for those who are at end-of-life, for those grieving before or after the death of a loved one or dealing with other losses associated to caregiving, change in health status and other life situations.

Our Grief & Bereavement Counsellor and specially trained volunteers can help you through your experience by assisting you to deal with the more immediate tasks of living while grieving.

Our support programs include:

  • One-on-one support (in-person or by phone) with our Grief & Bereavement Counsellor prior to your loss and through the first three months following your loss
  • Telephone support all through the year following your loss with one of our specially trained volunteers
  • Monthly Grief Support Drop-in Group – **call for date/ time and location
  • Celebration of Life memorials
  • Resources and information

After the first year of grieving our volunteers can assist you further by providing information and referrals to community bereavement groups.

To discuss how we can support you before and after your loss, please contact our Grief & Bereavement Counsellor at 613-433-3993 ext. 2237 or

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