Things to Consider

When facing a life threatening illness, it is helpful for you and your loved ones to plan ahead in order to make informed choices about your preferences for end-of-life care and to discuss this with your family, friends and health care providers.

  • Make your choices known. Consider making an advanced care plan. Watch this video.
  • Who would speak for you if you couldn’t speak for yourself?
  • Ask questions. Talk to your health care provider(s) about your options for care.
  • Palliative care in your community — where would you prefer to receive your care?
  • Most Canadians nearing end of life are not able to make decisions for their own self. Read this National Newswatch story.
  • Visit our Education Centre for more information and resources or contact us by phone at 613-433-3993 ext 2235 or by email at

See more at Advance Care Planning Canada:


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