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All in a Day with Alan Neal – Woman raises money for Renfrew County Hospices

Callie (Thiyagarajah) Drohan spent her mother’s last Christmas in a hospice, and now she’s raising money so that more people with a sick loved one will be able to experience the sense of home her family did during the holidays.

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Audio interview with Erna Heideman

Life no longer becomes a matter of quantity but of quality. . . How was I going to make [my husband’s] last days be the best they could under these circumstances?. . . We opted for Hospice Renfrew. It had a homey atmosphere. . . There would be no cost to us. . . Hospice staff was there for us. In silent comfort they understood our need.”. . . read more


“Wrapped around the moments of heartbreak. . . were family whispers of “what would we do without this place?” Hospice Renfrew is simply a model of what anyone would want in the worst-case scenario: a beautiful palliative-care facility with exceptional staff that pulses with compassion and respect.”…read more

Susan Bonner, CBC News, Washington Correspondent

“How does one express the gratitude for the kindness and care my mother received at her life’s end.”…read more

Daughter of Annie P.

“My grandfather was the most strong-willed, hardworking and independent person I have ever known. My family always joked that he was a man of nine lives, using each one of them as an excuse to come up with a great story of something that he had overcome in his life. “…read more

Grandson of Terry Neville

“Gary Cybulski planned to retire and start his own carpentry business, but he never got the chance. The 52-year-old was diagnosed with glioblastoma cancer last October. The diagnosis is a grim one, since patients are seldom given much more than a year to live.”…read more

Jamie Cybulski

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