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Hospice is open to individuals and families who could benefit from care in a home-like environment. Hospice care is an option when individuals can no longer be cared for at home but do not need hospital services or do not wish to die there.

Download Hospice Renfrew Referral Form  for Community Health Care Providers

Criteria for admissions

A potential resident of Hospice:

  • has a terminal diagnosis
  • is aware of their diagnosis and prognosis
  • accepts that hospice care focuses on comfort and quality of life and not curing illness
  • understands that CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) is not offered as a treatment
  • has a documented do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order.
  • has a valid Ontario Health Card
  • has a life expectancy of weeks to a few months
  • has symptoms that can be managed by Hospice staff
  • is eligible for services through a Community Care Access Center (CCAC).

For more on resuscitation, CPR and DNR see the Canadian Medical Association Statement on Life-Saving Interventions and the Canadian Virtual Hospice info on resuscitation decision-making

Priority for admission is generally given to:

  • individuals who are at home and live alone
  • individuals whose care cannot be managed at home
  • hospital in-patients unable to return home and who want end-of-life care at Hospice
  • individuals with only a few days to weeks to live
  • individuals with pain and symptom issues and care needs that Hospice can meet.

Short Stay Admissions

For people with a life threatening illness Hospice Renfrew also provides short stays of two weeks duration for pain and symptom management  or as respite for caregivers.

To discuss how our programs or care can help you please contact our Manager of Resident Care at 613-433-3993 extension 2235. Health care providers, family, or community agencies can also provide a referral for you to Hospice. Please keep in mind that we can best help you and your family when there is time to discuss future plans and to make careful informed choices.

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