Annual Celebration of Life

Every year, Hospice Renfrew, its Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, invite the families of our deceased residents to join us in a celebration of their loved ones lives. Invitations are mailed to each former resident’s next of kin, indicating the date and time of the celebration.

Please join us as we remember and celebrate each person’s life.

“Call it a memorial, a celebration of life or a fabulous farewell, we come together each year to remember and rejoice in the memories of loved ones. Seeing everyone gathered together is an amazing reminder of family and friends that have died. Seeing familiar family faces brings warm memories of your time with us at Hospice Renfrew. Remembering the laughter and the good times that we had at Hospice brings a warmth to my heart. Come to mourn, to honour and to share in the friendship that was built between Hospice staff and you, the families and friends of the people we cared for.”

                                                                        Hospice Resident Care Manager Simone Howard

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