Due to our setback last year from Covid-19, our celebration of life had to be cancelled.  Having said that it’s a new year and we are on our way in preparing for our first ceremony that will honour our deceased residents from July to December 2019. This ceremony will be taking place virtually in February.  We will be introducing a life candle lighting which will allow us to connect even though we can’t be together in person.  Some of our staff and volunteers will be involved during this special time.

Going forward we have scheduled two more ceremonies: May to honour our deceased residents of 2020, and October to honour our deceased residents of January to June 2021. Hospice Renfrew’s celebration of life is a very special moment for us all here. Each resident and family members have touched us in a special way. This is our way of reaching out one more time to say you will be missed and always be in our thoughts.


Debroah Coelho, Volunteer Coordinator